How To Shoot A Gun


I chose this subject for my tutorial because I grew up with guns and am familiar with shooting them. Also I know many people that don't know or never have shot a gun before. So I thought that with my tutorial I can help my friends and people that have never shot a gun, know how to shoot a gun safely and correctly. Plus I love guns!

I went above the requirements by that my page is unique in the way of the theme which is focused around hunting. Guns and hunting go hand an hand so it just makes sense that I follow that theme. As you can see there is a camouflage background, which is an image. We briefly talked about using this. Also there is the hunter orange for the background of the text. So I kept with the whole theme of hunting. I don't know of anyone else that has used an image for a background either. I only know people that used colors for their background. Also for the media screens instead of just having word links, I got icons to replace them so the users would know click the icons instead of words. Also all the pictures except for the camo background are mine.

A way I could improve is to redesign the steps page. By breaking up the steps into sections more so the images can be placed with the steps instead of just being on the side of the page. I can also improve the layout design of the pages to have more flow/focus. I also wished I could of got the pictures of the rifles next to the title to work.