How To Shoot A Gun


  1. Make sure the gun is not loaded
  2. Make sure the safety is ON
  3. Have ear plugs in and eye wear on
  4. Make sure gun is pointed down range/at target or at the ground
  5. Have bi-standards behind you
  6. Hold gun firmly
  7. DO NOT DO ANY THING ELSE UNTIL these above steps are done!

  8. Load the ammo in the gun. For this tutorial you will load the ammo on the underside of the gun.
  9. Since this is a pump action gun you have to pump the gun so the ammo is loaded into the firing chamber and ready to be fired
  10. Relax and once your ready do the following steps

  11. Put the stock of the gun against your shoulder
  12. Take the safety off
  13. Look down the sights of the gun and rest your check on the stock
  14. Aim the sights at the target
  15. If with others say firing so they know you are about to shoot
  16. Take a deep breath IN
  17. Slowly let the breath out
  18. Keep doing the the above steps till your ready to fire
  19. Squeeze the trigger when your letting your breath out

Congratulations you now know how to shoot a gun!