Lei Hu 

       Ph.D. Candidate


      B. Thomas Golisano College of Computing and Information Sciences    

      Rochester Institute of Technology

      Golisano Building, Room 3500

      Rochester, NY, 14623-5603

      Email: lei.hu AT rit DOT edu







Research (top)

I am a 3rd year Ph.D. Student in Golisano College of RIT. I have been a research assistant in Document and Pattern Recognition Lab since September, 2010. My advisor is Dr. Richard Zanibbi.


I am broadly interested in research problems in the area of Pattern Recognition and Information Retrieval. Currently I'm particularly interested in recognition and retrieval of handwritten mathematical notation.





Education  (top)

2010 - Present Ph.D.

In Computing and Information Sciences, Rochester Institute of Technology 


2008 - 2010 M.S.

In Computer Science and Technology, Wuhan University of Technology


2004 - 2008 B.S.

In Computer Science and Technology, Wuhan University of Technology





Publications  (top)

Journal Paper

"Attribute Reduction Algorithm Based on Granular Matrix"

Luo Zhong, Lei Mei, Cuicui Guo, Lei Hu, Yongchang Su

Journal of Chinese Computer Systems


"The Extraction of Thermodynamic Quantities of MD Simulation with GPU"

Dan Liu, Guanghui Zhao, Hongxia Xia, Lei Hu

Journal of Application Research of Computers


"A Method of Structural Optimization for Neural Network Based on Rough Sets"

Hongxia Xia, Huiying Wang, Lei Hu

Computer & Digital Engineering

Conference Paper

"Baseline extraction-driven parsing of handwritten mathematical expressions"

Lei Hu, Kevin Hart, Richard Pospesel and Richard Zanibbi

Proc. Int'l Conf. Pattern Recognition, Tsukuba Science City, Japan, 2012 (to appear) .


"HMM-Based Recognition of Online Handwritten Mathematical Symbols Using Segmental K-means Initialization and a Modified Pen-up/down Feature."

Lei Hu and Richard Zanibbi

Proc. Int'l. Conf. Document Analysis and Recognition, pp 457 -462, Beijing, China, September 2011.


"Fuzzy Control Applied to Drainage System of City Highway Tunnel"

Lei Hu, Hongxia Xia and Huiying Wang

The 2nd International Workshop on Education Technology and Computer Science. ETCS 2010: pp 810-813. Wuhan, China 2010.




News  (top)

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