Dominion - The Card Game


Welcome to Dominion!

Dominion is a LCG (Living Card Game). The object is to purchase cards that will eventually lead you to buying victory points.The player with the most victory points at the end of the game wins!

Each player starts with the same 10 cards (7 coppers and 3 estates). It's up to you to build the best deck to win the game!

To purchase a card simply click on the red + button that appears next to it. You can view the cards abilities by clicking on it.

To play action cards in your hand click the play button next to the card you'd like to play. It's that easy!

You may click on any card on the screen to get more details about the card

You may also choose to end your current turn (this will discard your current hand and you'll draw 5 more) at anytime by clicking the End Turn Button

Actions: 1

Buys: 1

Treasure: 0

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