Linwei Wang


Linwei Wang, Ph.D.


Before joining as a faculty member in the Ph.D. Program of Computing and Information Sciences at the Rochester Institute of Technology, Rochester, NY. I received my Ph.D. in Computing and Information Sciences at RIT in 2009. Previously I attended the Hong Kong University of Sciences and Technology where I obtained the Master of Philosophy (M.Phil) in Electronic and Computer Engineering in 2007, and Zhejiang University, Hangzhou, China where I earned  my Bachelor degree in Optic-Electronic Information Engineering in 2005. I am a fortunate recipient of NSF CAREER Award in 2014.

At RIT I am directing the Computational Biomedicine Laboratory. Funded by the NSF and the NIH, our research stands on the intersection between statistical inference, machine learning, and data-driven modeling, with a focus in their application to computational and personalized medicine. a. More information about the current research in the CBL can be found here: NSF-funded research and NIH-funded research.

There are currently positions open in CBL for phd students, postdoctoral fellow, as well as Research Assistantship for master and undergraduate students. High-school students who are looking for summer research internship are also welcome. If you are interested in joining us, please start by sending me an email to discuss our mutual interest.



CBL News

  1. BulletNIH R15 grant: The CBL is awarded with a R15 research grant from the National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute (NHLBI) that will start July, 2018!

  2. BulletMICCAI 2018 acceptance:  Congratulations to Jwala and Sandesh for their paper acceptances in MICCAI 2018!

  3. BulletMeDIA acceptance: Congratulations to Jwala for her work in uncertainty quantification accepted for publication in Medical Image Analysis!

  4. BulletEP Europace acceptance: Congratulations to the CBL for the work in ECGi of scar-related VT accepted for publication in EP Europace!

  5. BulletMICCAI 2017 acceptance:  Congratulations to Sandesh for paper acceptance in MICCAI 2017!

  6. BulletIEEE TMI acceptance:  Congratulations to Jwala on having her paper accepted for publication in IEEE Transactions on Medical Imaging!

  7. BulletIPMI 2017 acceptance:  Congratulations to Jwala on having her paper accepted for publication in IPMI 2017!

  8. Bullet MICCAI 2017PC member:  Congratulations to Linwei on being selected on serve on the Program Committee for MICCAI 2017!

  9. BulletMICCAI2016 acceptance:  Congratulations to Jwala to have her paper accepted for publication in MICCAI 2016!

  10. Bullet NSF REU Site: A new exciting REU-site is starting 2016 summer at RIT, of which I’m a faculty mentor with our project on “multi-sensor fusion for cognitive modeling”. Welcome to apply to the site here:

  11. Bullet IEEE TMI acceptance: Congratulations to Azar on having her multiple-model approach to uncertainty study accepted for publication in IEEE Transactions on Medical Imaging 2015!

  12. Bullet Interspeech 2015: The sensor-fusion team funded by Kodak Endowed Chair Funds has had a productive summer with one paper accepted into Interspeech 2015, and another accepted into Facial Analysis, Animation, and Auditory-Visual Speech Processing!

  13. BulletAzar’s dissertation defense: Azar has successfully passed her dissertation defense and completed her dissertation. She will be heading to Microsoft at Seattle in July, 2015!

  14. Bullet MICCAI2015 acceptance:  Congratulations to Jingjia to have her paper accepted for publication in MICCAI 2015!

  15. BulletIEEE TBME acceptance:  Congratulations to Azar to have her journal article accepted for publication in IEEE Transactions on Biomedical Engineering.

  16. BulletNIH R21 grant: The CBL is awarded with a R21 research grant from the National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute (NHLBI) that will start Nov, 2014!

  17. Bullet UNYCES Gordon K. Moe Young Investigator Award: A big congratulation to Azar on winning the Gordon K. Moe YIA on the 24th Annual Upstate New York Cardiac Electrophysiologist Society Meeting (Nov 3, 2014, Buffalo, NY).

  18. Bullet IEEE TMI Acceptance:  Jingjia has her first major journal publication in the IEEE Transactions on Medical Imaging.

  19. Bullet  ICIP 2014:  Azar has another paper  accepted into ICIP 2014 which will be held in Paris, France on October 27-30,  2014. This work precedes her MICCAI paper that looks at a multiple-model approach to transmural EP imaging using a hierarchical Bayesian approach.

  20. Bullet  MICCAI 2014 Acceptance: Great congratulations to Both Jingjia and Azar on having their paper accepted into MICCAI 2014 at the first round of early acceptance. Azar’s paper studies a multiple-model approach to transmural EP imaging in comparison to traditional approaches that are typically based on one fixed prior model constraint. Jingjia’s work, continuing on our MICCAI 2013 work, studies the use of total-variation constraint in TEPI in a variational Bayesian framework. MICCAI 2014 will be held in Boston, MA on September 14 - 18.

  21. Bullet  ISBI 2014  Best Paper Travel Award: Azar’s paper, entitled “Electrophysiological Imaging of Volumetric Infarct Border Using a Spatio-Temporal Lp-Norm Constraint”, was selected as one of the only 3 winners of the Best Paper Travel Award in ISBI’ 2014.

  22. Bullet CVPR 2014 Acceptance: Jingjia’s paper, entitled “Total-Variation Minimization on Unstructured Volumetric mesh: Biophysical Application on Reconstruction of 3D Ischemic Myocardium”, was accepted into CVPR 2014. This year’s acceptance rate of CVPR is 29.88%.

  23. Bullet NSF-CAREER Award: I was awarded the NSF CAREER grant for the project “CAREER: Integrating Physical Models into Data-Driven Inference” for 2014 - 2019.

  24. Bullet ISBI 2014 Acceptance: We have two papers, first authored by Azar and Hongda, respectively, accepted into ISBI 2014. In the meanwhile, I am also co-chairing a special session on Clinical Potential of Noninvasive Bioelectrical Imaging, with Dr. Dana Brooks (Northeastern University)

  25. Bullet CMMM Leading Guest Editor: I served as a guest editor together with Dr. Vicky Wang (University of Auckland, New Zealand) and Heye Zhang (Shenzhen Institutes of Advanced Technology, China) for a specific issue, entitled “Image-Based Computational Cardiology: From Data to Understanding” in Computational and Mathematic Methods in Medicine. The targeted publication date of this special issue is January 24, 2014.

  26. Bullet Digital Rochester Great Award 2013: Jingjia was selected as one of the three finalists for the Student Achievement Awards in Digital Rochester Great Award, which is of substantial impact among the Greater Rochester community.

  27. Bullet MICCAI 2013 Acceptance: After publishing in MICCAI 2012 in her first year of doctoral study, Jingjia continues to have her second MICCAI publication in 2013 on work entitled “A Novel Total Variation Based Noninvasive Transmural Electrophysiological Imaging”.

  28. Bullet ISBI 2013 Acceptance & Award: Azar’s paper, entitled “The Impact of Ventricular Shape Variations on Inverse Electrocardiography: A Feasibility Study”, was accepted into ISBI 2012. It was selected as a podium presentation (18% acceptance rate). Azar was also awarded an NSF Travel Scholarship to attend and present in ISBI 2013.

  29. Bullet MICCAI 2012 Acceptance: Six months after the beginning of her doctoral study, Jingjia had a paper accepted into MICCAI 2012. It is a great achievement for a first-year student to publish in this top conference in biomedical computing.

  30. Bullet HHMI Fellowship 2012-2013: Azar recently received a prestigious Howard Hughs Medical Institute Med-into-Grad Fellowship in Cardiovascular Science at the University of Rochester Medical Center for 2012-2013. 

  31. Bullet UNYCES’12:  I co-chaired the Organization Committee with Dr. George Porter (University of Rochester) for the 22nd Upstate New York Cardiac Electrophysiologist Society Annual meeting 2012, which was successfully held on October 26, 2012 at Rochester, NY

  32. Bullet ISBI 2012 Special Session: I co-chaired a special session in ISBI 2012 with Dr. Maxime Sermesant (INRIA, France) and Rafael Sebastian (Universitat de Valencia, Spain), entitled Image-Based Computational Cardiac Physiology.