MAA Spring 2006 Business Meeting at Ithaca College

By Leonard T. Malinowski


The meeting was held on Sat. April 29th, 2006 and Gary Towsley, the section chairperson, had sustained an injury and was unable to attend the meeting. Cheri Boyd assumed the role of chair for this meeting and called the meeting to order.  Cheri thanked the local organizing committee at Ithaca College for the excellent manner in which they are hosting the meeting under Tom Pfaff and John Maceli among others.


The minutes of the fall 2005 meeting and the Treasurer’s report for the end of the year 2005 as they appeared on the website and in the Seaway Current were approved.  Luise-Charlotte Kappe, the current Governor for the section, thanked both Jack Narayan and Bob Rogers for their willingness to run for the section’s governor’s position and announced that as a result to the election Bob Rogers will serve in that position.  Luise announced that plans are developing to have a joint meeting with the Metro section on October 13th and 14th of 2006 at Marist College.  Luise will be at the Metro section meeting next week to clarify issues to coordinate the joint meeting.


The Executive Committee report included remarks about the continuation of a strong Project NExT program for the MAA Seaway Section on the previous Friday afternoon.  Carol Bell stated that between 20 and 25 people attended and participated in the Project NExT activities.  Julie Held mentioned members of the section who work at two-year colleges have a comparable program to Project NExT called ACCCESS available to them on the national level.  The movement to an electronic version to the section’s newsletter, the Seaway Current, is progressing well and post cards will be sent at least one more time notifying the members of the availability of the electronic version of the newsletter.  It is the hope of the executive committee that the use of the postcards may be replaced with an email notifying the members of the availability of the Seaway Current each time a new edition is published.  Provisions will be made for those individuals that do not have access to email to receive copies of the newsletter sent to them thru the postal service.


Assuming that the joint meeting for the fall 2006 is held at Marist College, sites being considered for future meetings are St. Bonaventure, University of Rochester, Corning Community College and Monroe Community College.


Grace Orzech and Mark MacKinzie were thanked for their service on the nominating committee by John Maceli.  The election results are that Margaret Morrow is the Chair Elect and Dawn Jones is the First Vice-Chair.  The section will be looking for a new Secretary/Treasurer in next year’s election. Once again Cheri Boyd thanked the local organizing committee for all their efforts in hosting the meeting and the meeting was adjourned.