Governor's Report

By Donald Trasher, Spring 2000

The Board of Governors met in Washington D.C. on January 18, 2000 from 9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. This meeting marked the transition from the leadership of Marcia Sward to that of the new Executive Director, Tina Straley. Both participated in the meeting with Ms. Sward indicating that in her judgment the MAA is being left in good shape, and that she has been working with Ms. Straley to effect a smooth transition. Some positives:

(1) Gerald Porter, Treasurer, indicated that he expects a balanced budget for 1999 and that the MAA Investment Fund (conservative) experienced a 7.5% increase in 1999.

(2) Jim Gandorf, new Director of Marketing and Membership, reported that the membership appears to have stabilized in 1999 at 27,728.

(3) Donald Albers, Associative Executive Director, Publications and Electronic Services, indicated that there are several new book publications and the pipeline is strong, ties with Amazon are strengthening, the relationship with Cambridge University Press remains strong, Math Horizons is experiencing nice growth, the experiment using Fernando Gouvea as editor of FOCUS and MAA Online is working well, and in 2000 a search will be launched for a new Monthly editor.

(4) Good reports were received from Titu Andreescu, Director of the American Mathematics Competitions, Christine Stevens, Project NExT Director, and Ed Dubinski, Coordinator of ARUME.

(5) The Association for Research in Mathematics Education (ARUME) has been approved as the first Special Interest Group of the MAA (SIGMA)

Executive Director Straley identified three critical areas for attention. These are: restructuring the membership dues; designing and implementing a greater effort in the development (giving) program; and, establishing a greater variety of member services and programs for a wider audience.

The Executive Committee is studying a new dues structure. Until the study is completed and considered and approved by the Board, the dues structure will remain the same, and the Board approved a dues increase for 2001 of 4%.

The following Joint Mathematics Meetings have been approved by the Board and the AMS Secretariat.

Future meetings:

Dates at the following venues for the Joint Mathematics Meetings have been blocked.

The Site Selection Committee is working on the sites for Mathfest 2002, 2003 and 2004. The Board approved that Mathfest 2001 be held at Madison, Wisconsin August 2 - 4, 2001.

Other information and actions


  1. Reminder: Students who present papers at Section meetings receive a free membership in the MAA
  2. Gerald Folland, University of Washington, was approved as a replacement for Harold Boas on the Editorial Board of the Monthly.
  3. Section By-law changes were approved as requested by the Allegheny Mountain Section and the North Central Section.
  4. Application deadline for Project NExT 2000-2001 is April 14, 2000.
  5. The Board approved the following: The MAA discontinue distributing the MAA Placement Tests as of June 30, 2000. Existing subscribers shall be offered a perpetual royalty free license to use the tests forever.

My term as Governor expires in June, 2000, hence, this will be my last written report. I appreciate the opportunity of serving the section as Governor for the past three years. You will be asked this spring by the Washington Office of MAA to vote on the next Section Governor. Exercise this opportunity well.