Governor's Report

By Luise-Charlotte Kappe, Fall 2004

Providence, RI, was the site of the 2004 Mathfest, where I attended the Board of Governors meeting on August 11. Aside from driving through the city and the state many years ago, I had not been there before. Providence was well worth a visit and I am thinking of coming back there one day just as a tourist. Because of family commitments, the wedding of my son in Chicago, I could not stay until the end of the meeting and had to miss some of the activities, in particular the banquet at the end, where I would have been among those to be honored for their 25-year membership in the MAA. I still had time to go to an open house of the headquarters of the AMS, our sister organization, and sample the food in one of the many ethnic neighborhoods. I was glad I did not have to miss any of those things relevant for a section governor, which is, aside from the board meeting, the Section Officers meeting. Here are some of the highlights.

First of all, congratulations should go to the winners of the International Mathematical Olympiad, held in Athens, Greece, July 4-18. In the Seaway Section we have a total of four medal winners, two from the US team and two from the Canadian team, the most any section can claim. The US team placed second after China and the Canadian team held rank 21 of 85 participating countries. Alison Miller of Niskayuna, NY, and Aaron Pixton of Vestal, NY, each got a gold medal on the US team. Alison is the first female gold medal winner for a team from the USA. She started this fall at Harvard, majoring in math. For Aaron Pixton, who already participated last year, it was the second gold medal. He started this fall at Princeton, also majoring in math. The two Canadian medal winners are Jacob Tsimerman of Vaughan, ON, who got a perfect score and thus a gold medal, and Janos Kramar of Toronto, ON, who got a silver medal. Both are attending the University of Toronto this fall.

There were 73 new Project NExT fellows in the 2004-05 cohort, two of these from the Seaway Section,Joseph Kolacinski of Elmira College and David Perkins of Houghton College. We welcome them in our section and hope to meet them in person at our section meetings. Since a couple of years, NExT fellows have a variety of sponsors aside from the Exxon foundation and Project NExT is constantly looking for new ones. This year for the first time a section, the Maryland/DC/Virginia Section, sponsored a NExT fellow. The price tag was $2,500. Having so many successful NExT alumni in our section, perhaps the Seaway Section could think how we could sponsor our own National NExT fellow, of course being on the faculty of a college or university in the Seaway Section. Any ideas how to realize such a goal are welcome.