Governor's Report

Stephen R. Cavior

Orlando, FL

January 9, 1996

Reorganization at HQ

The restructure at headquarters which I described in my last report is beginning to produce its planned benefits. Routine clerical functions, involving membership and publications, have been subcontracted to a company that specializes in such services, freeing the staff to con- centrate on more important matters. Although MAA will have many transition costs due to the restructure, the Treasurer thinks we will have a balanced budget this year.

Summer Meetings

MAA continues to believe that summer meetings serve an important need. The consulting firm hired to survey the membership has indicated that we can reasonably expect to double attendance with more focused publicity, and thereby run the meetings on a financially sound basis. Regrettably, the AMS will not participate with us in the summers of 1997-1999.

UME Trends

UME Trends, the periodical addressing issues in collegiate mathematics instruction, will not be printed after January,1996. JPBM, the Joint Policy Board for Mathematics, voted last May to end their sponsorship, and MAA decided it was unable to assume that financial responsibility. The articles and columns that appeared there will now be published, but dispersed, in FOCUS, in our other journals and series, and in MAA Online, a proposed electronic medium.

MAA University

One of the most promising new initiatives that MAA has undertaken is to organize a program of professional development courses that will be taught using the World Wide Web. Tentatively called the MAA University, the program will enable members to 'attend' workshops, interacting with instructors and fellow students, without incurring travel expenses or leaving their families.

This project is being planned by the Professional Development Committee, chaired by Jerry Porter, and falls under the supervision of Bob Eslinger and Jon Scott in the (new) Department of Member Services & Programs at HQ. It marks the first effort that MAA is making to promote professional growth using the new technologies. Suggestions for other such projects should be sent to Jerry, Bob, or Jon.

MAA Web Site

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