Governor's Report

By Stephen R. Cavior

Seattle, WA
August 9, 1996

New Section Bylaws

The section bylaws adopted by the membership at the business meeting in Elmira on April 13 have been approved by the Board of Governors, and thus become the official bylaws of the section.

National Meetings

As you know, the summer meetings in '97, '98, and '99 will be sponsored by just the MAA. The only one of these for which there is news to report is the '97 Mathfest, now scheduled from August 2 to 4 in Atlanta. As an experiment, MAA will follow the model of winter meetings, using primarily hotel facilities rather than academic ones.

And speaking of winter meetings, the next five are: '97 - San Diego; '98 - Baltimore; '99 - San Antonio; '00 - Washington; and '01 - New Orleans.

Publications and Media

The MAA publication program is vigorous, and its books are having wider impact, due, in part, to a new world-wide distribution agreement with Cambridge University Press.

MAA Online, launched in November, has appointed Fernando Gouvea, of Colby College, its new editor. You may remember the name - he won a Lester R. Ford Award for his 1994 Monthly article 'A Marvelous Proof'. During our conversation in Seattle, he impressed me very much by his imagination and his dedication to the job. (By the way, when you next use MAA Online, note that the Seaway Section has a linked home page, produced by Luise-Charlotte Kappe, our Chair- Elect.)

Minority Affairs

Acting in concert with AMS and NCTM, MAA has voted to establish a joint Office of Minority Participation. Its mission will be to coordinate the work of the three organizations in dealing with the problem of under-represented minor- ities in mathematics education and research. In each of the next three years MAA will budget $80,000 as its share of the cost.

Board support for the proposal was almost unanimous. However, I was some- what skeptical about it. I pointed out that AMS and NCTM had not yet reached the level of MAA activity in this area, and that there were many effective pro- jects they could carry out by themselves before a joint office is needed. I also remarked that, in light of a large operating deficit in 1995, we were not in a position to incur the extra expense. In the voting, I abstained.