Governor's Report

By Donald Trasher, Fall 1997

The Section Governors Meeting was held in Atlanta on August 1, 1997 in conjunction with Mathfest 1997. Since this was the first summer Mathfest without AMS participation, there was considerable concern on the MAA's part on going it alone. All their fears were ill founded and with 849 registered (hoped for 600), an excellent program, good meeting space, and the hospitality of the Southeastern Section and the Atlanta organizing committee, the meetings were indeed excellent. With the involvement of project NExT participants, pME, and an excellent student paper session of the MAA (two from the Seaway Section) there was a youthful glow to the meetings that portends well for the MAA's future.

As a new governor, I participated in an orientation session prior to the Governor's Meeting, as well as the main 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. meeting on the 1st. I will mention only a few of the main concerns of the meeting.

1. Budget: Financial problems still exist with a deficit this year of $150,000. MAA is working toward a balanced budget in 1998. Dues have been increased and programs and staff cut to make this a reality. The organization is working to increase corporate membership and secure additional resources through grants and gifts.

2. Membership nationally: 27,000 + with a projection of 28,060 in 1998. High membership mark was 33,000.

3. Summer 1998: Hoping for a joint meeting with SIAM at the University of Toronto, July 16-18. Some details on arrangements/housing still need to be worked out before an official announcement can be made.

4. Report on the Task Force to Re-examine MAA Governance. Several recommendations were made that if adopted would bring about a "minor" restructuring of the Executive Committee, greater involvement of the Executive Committee on Councils of the MAA, and direct participation of each governor on council or committees of the MAA. The question of downsizing the Board of Governors from its present size of 50 members was raised.

5. New Appointments/Elections. Executive Committee: Paul Zorn (editor Mathematics Magazine) Editor - The College Mathematics Journal: Underwood Dudley, DePauw U. Associate Secretary: James Tattersall, Providence College

6. The restructuring of SUMMA involving local institutional intervention projects was discussed and approved.