Governor's Report

By Donald Trasher, Spring 1998

The Board of Governors of the MAA met in Baltimore on January 6, 1998. The agenda for the meeting consisted primarily of reports from the various officers and committee chairs. The financial status of the MAA is still a concern ($150,000 deficit) requiring the infusion of monies from the MAA investment portfolio ($75,000 to date). To help offset this deficit the Finance committee recommended an increase in dues of 4% for 1998 and 5% for 1999 which gained Board approval. Notes of encouragement: Membership is on the rise to 28,000+ members; the mortgage on the Headquarters is paid off; MAA broke even on the Mathfest in Atlanta; MAA On Line use has increased from 24,000 hits per month to 105,000 hits per month, and there is a whole host of new books that are hot off the press.

Mathfest 1998 will be held in Toronto, July 15 - 18. SIAM is meeting at the University of Toronto at the same time, and arrangements have been made to allow joint participation. Mathfest 1999 will be a stand alone meeting with the site to be determined from three possible locations. Mathfest 2000 is very much up in the air since the AMS is planning a meeting August 8 - 16 in California. The January 2000 meeting in Washington, D.C. will be a joint meeting of AMS, MAA and SIAM.

The major discussion of the afternoon session was directed to the Task Force on Governance report which included possible By-Law amendments. Some action was taken, for example, to increase the pool from which the "Editor" on the Executive Committee could be drawn by adding to the current journal editors the "Chair of the Coordinating Council on Publications." Other matters pertaining to the workings of the Executive Committee, the Finance Committee and the Executive and Associate Executive Directors were tabled.

Finally, governors at large for minorities and Canada were elected, the Visiting Lecture Committee was disbanded, and the Committee on Sections was given the task to determine what future form (if any) the lecture program would take.