Computer Architecture

CMPE550 Spring 2017

Class Project

Monday, May 8 5:00-6:30PM
Room GLE 9/3129
(Email talks by 2:00PM Friday May 5 )

- Presenters Topic
1 Longman, Ram
Rama, Prathibha
Intel I-Series (AES Encryption Added)
2 Magalhaes, Lucas
Serkes, Joshua
AMD Ryzen Processors
3 Frumusa, Robert
Metzger, Joshua
ARM big.LITTLE Architecture
4 Barker, Jeffrey
Wu, Barry
Nvidia Tegra X2
5 Gomez Silva, Cindy
Weaver, Victoria
Nvidia GeForce GTX 10 Series
6 Judge, John
Prasathong, Suhail
STAMPEDE Supercomputer

Wednesday, May 10 5:00-6:30PM
Room GLE 9/3129
(Email talks by 2:00PM Tuesday May 9)

- Presenters Topic
1 Attar, Taikhoom PowerPC/POWER
2 Fanelli, William
Tyree, Gregory
AMD Accelerated Processing Units (APUs)
3 Lor, David
Zheng, Kaiwen
Raspberry Pi 1
4 Batayneh, Ali
Orifov, Saidhon
Evolution of Arduino Models
5 Gustafson, Erik
Tosaya, Drew
Methods of GPU Virtualization
6 Mullin, Gregory
Soponski, Gaitz
Advancements in SSD Technology

Project papers due 2:00pm Monday May 15.
Email the paper ( and leave a hard copy under my office door (9/3469)