Computer Architecture

CMPE550 Spring 2018

Class Project

Wednesday, April 25 5:30-6:50PM
Room GLE 9/3129
(Email talks by 2:00PM Tuesday April 24)

- Presenters Topic
1 Arcoraci, Dominic
Davidson, Alden
2 Aquino, Denisse
Maxwell, Benjamin
Meltdown + Spectre
3 Ahmed, Syed
Moholkar, Hrishikesh
Dataflow Machine Architecture
4 Geiger, Curtis
Meehan, Matthew
Evolution of CPUs in Video Game Consoles Though Time
5 Scheler, Eric
Shear, Joshua
GPU Computing
6 Jenco, John
Morrison, Braeden
Intel Stratix 10 SOC Family

Monday, April 30 5:30-6:50PM
Room GLE 9/3129
(Email talks by 2:00PM Friday April 27)

- Presenters Topic
1 Cacner, Steven Raspberry Pi 3 Model B+
2 Blocklove, Jason
Schroeder, Michael
Asynchronous Processors
3 Thai, Bao
Tygart, Adrian
Dossmatik Softcore CPU
4 Dell, Ethan
Iqbal, Daniyal
Computer Architectures for Deep Learning
5 Kiggins, Jacob
Siddiq, Raasin
6 Feng, David
Fischer, Alice
Structure of Supercomputing

Project papers due at the time of the second presentations.
Email the paper ( and bring a hard copy to the second talks.