Multiple Processor

CMPE655 Spring 2018

Class Project

5:00-7:00 PM Thursday, May 3
Room GLE 9/3129
(Email talks by 2:00PM Wednesday, May 2)

- Presenters Topic
1 Pitt, David
Soldavini, Stephanie
Dynamic Scheduling Algorithms for Heterogeneous Systems
2 Ahmed, Meraj
Dey, Abhisek
A Low-latency, Energy-efficient Cache coherence Aware WiNoC Architecture for CMPs
3 Higgins, Michael
Maskelony, Edward
Tyree, Gregory
Parallel Implementations for Anti-Aliasing
4 Fediaczko, David
Santha, Akhil
Parallelization of Optimization Heuristics

Project papers due at the time of the presentations.
Email the paper ( and bring a hard copy to the talks.