Image Computing & Analysis Laboratory (ICAL)


I direct the Image Computing and Analysis Laboratory (ICAL) at RIT, which works on the development, implementation, and validation of mathematical models in areas of imaging analysis and computer vision that include registration, segmentation, clustering, dimensionality reduction, and classification.

The ICAL office is located: Hugh L. Carey Hall (HLC), Room 2586

I've been very fortunate to have had great students and collaborators from a variety of backgrounds participate in research with me:

Current Research Students
    • Viraj Adduru (Imaging Science, co-supervised, in residence at Geisinger Helath System)
    • Tyler Hayes (Imaging Science)
    • Gajendra Katuwal (Imaging Science, co-supervised, in residence at Geisinger Health System)
    • Sanketh Moudgalya (Imaging Science)
    • Chao Zhang (Imaging Science, co-supervised, in residence at Geisinger Health System)
    • Xuewen Zhang (Imaging Science)


    • Daryl Corcoran (Applied and Computational Mathematics)
    • Eman Johnson (Applied and Computational Mathematics)
    • Alison Prengaman (Applied and Computational Mathematics)
    • Harmeet Singh (Electrical Engineering)
    • Ben Start (Applied and Computational Mathematics)
    • Kevin Tuttle (Applied and Computational Mathematics)
    • Renee Meinhold (Applied Mathematics)

Current Collaborators

    • Jeff Bazarian (University of Rochester)
    • David Borkholder (RIT Microsystems Engineering)
    • Vince Calhoun (Mind Research Network)
    • Wojciech Czaja (University of Maryland College Park)
    • Maria Helguera (RIT Imaging Science)
    • Cristian Linte (RIT Biomedical Engineering)
    • Brad Mahon (University of Rochester)
    • Andrew Melbourne (University College London)
    • David Messinger (RIT Imaging Science)
    • Andrew Michael (Geisinger Helath System)
    • Darren Narayan (RIT Mathematical Sciences)
    • Hieu Nguyen (UtopiaCompression Corporation)
    • Sameer Sheorey (UtopiaCompression Corporation)
    • Paul Wenger (RIT Mathematical Sciences)


    • Tommy Keane (Imaging Science)
    • Zois Boukouvalas (Applied and Computational Mathematics)
      • currently PhD student in Applied Mathematics at UMBC
    • John Costanzo (Applied and Computational Mathematics)
      • currently PhD student in EECS at Carnegie Mellon
    • Utkarsh Deshmukh (Electrical Engineering)
      • currently Engineer at Digimarc
    • Zachary Harvey (Computer Engineering, co-supervised)
      • currently Software Engineer at Medical College of Wisconsin
    • Alex Karantza (Computer Engineering, co-supervised)
      • currently Mobile Developer at Entrada, Inc
    • Meaghan Kuhfahl (Applied and Computational Mathematics)
      • currently Analyst at Liberty Mutual
    • Brandon May (Imaging Science)
      • currently Software Systems Engineer at Mitre Corporation
    • Lalit Phadtare (Electrical Engineering)
      • currently Software Engineer at The MathWorks
    • Laura Rolston (Applied and Computational Mathematics)
      • currently Adjunct Professor at RIT
    • Eric Spangler (Applied and Computational Mathematics)
      • currently at BAE Systems Applied Intelligence
    • Troy Winkstern (Applied and Computational Mathematics)
    • Zhenlin Xu (Imaging Science)
      • currently PhD student in Computer Science at UNC Chapel Hill
    • Ashley Zanca (Applied and Computational Mathematics)
      • currently Teacher of Mathematics at St. Paul's School
    • Selene Chew (Computational Mathematics)
      • currently Engineer at Systems & Technology Research
    • Michelle Chung (Applied Mathematics)
      • currently MA student in Bilingual Education/ASL at UCSD
    • Clarissa Garvey (Applied Mathematics)
      • currently PhD student in Scientific Computing at Emory
    • Lauren Kelley (Applied Mathematics)
      • currently Scientist at MIT Lincoln Laboratory



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