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Cardiac arrhythmia caused by spiral wave reentry:

Play CyberCardiologist in the window above! (Requires a recent-version browser capable of rendering HTML5.) Save your patient from cardiac spiral waves. Then kill him again! Learn about the basic properties of action potentials in the heart at the same time. To play, just drag diagonally across various regions to create stimuli. Can you apply the stimuli at the right time in the right locations to eliminate the spiral waves? Then, can you apply stimuli to initiate spiral waves again? How many spiral waves can you get going at once?

My research...

  • I use a combination of tools from mathematics, physics, electrodynamics, electronic circuit theory, computer modeling, cardiac electrophysiology and cardiology to study abnormal rhythms in the heart, and to develop new ideas for new therapies to treat these rhythm disorders. Details, including figures, videos and publication lists.

  • Previously, my research concentrated on plasma physics. I studied ionospheric plasmas (including those that are responsible for the Northern Lights), and magnetospheric and solar plasmas. Additional details, plus videos and publications.

Did you know...

  • That the wiggling of the Earth's magnetic field lines by the solar wind can accelerate electrons to high enough velocities to produce the Northern Lights?
  • That a tremendous electrical current flows 60 miles above the Earth's surface?
  • That the Sun shouldn't have a magnetic field anymore, but somehow still manages to have one?
  • That if you drop dust particles into an ionized gas, they sometimes arrange themselves into a crystalline structure?
  • That you and your heart may only be a software error away from death?
  • That computer simulation techniques may be used to investigate all of the above?

If not, read on...

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