Analog Game: Captain of the Stars

Captain of the Stars is a table-top strategy game designed for 3-6 players. The game places you in the boots of a captain just trying to make his or her mark on the galaxy through renown or fear. Each player commands their own upgradeable ship, assembles a crew, manages resources, places settlements, and fights off other players. I developed this game in a group of 5 people with my role being that of Design Lead and minor Asset Production. I contributed to the design of the theme and mechanics of the game as well as 3D-modeled, printed, and painted the Players' ship pieces.

Pic of the Captain of the Stars box art

The box art for the game.

Overview of the board

A 3-player game of Captain of the Stars well underway.

First person perspective of the board

The first-person view of a player playing the game.

Close-up of the board

A close-up view of the board in a game during play.

The Ship Pieces

The 3D printed ship pieces the players use to represent themselves on the board.

Various Player Resources

The tools the player has at their disposal. The dice on the far left represent settlements with the numbers representing their current health. The gem pieces to the near left represent trade route markers. The poker chips represent resources, the currency used in Captain of the Stars. In order, they represent 5 resources, 1 resource, and 10 resources.

The Player's Point Tracker

The point tracker the player uses to keep track of both their Victory Points and Bounty Points.

The Player's Ship Tracker/Sheet

The sheet the player uses to keep track of their current ship modules (weapon, shield, and engine), their ship's health, and their crew members.

Overview of all the different modules

All the different tiers of modules and their respective costs to buy them.

The Board's hexes

The basic hexes used to make up the game's board.