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Le Cancre: Animated Retelling


I wanted to communicate the meaning of Jacques Prevert's poem, Le Cancre, through animation in just 30 seconds. I also wanted the short to showcase my motion graphics and animation skills. Although this is not a UI design per se, it's important to include this as it became a stepping stone for my later work to come

Final Gem

I then chose to go with the route of a children's drawing style that communicates the poem's theme of disobedience, dismissal of authority, and the satisfaction of ignorance. As a child between the ages of 5-8, I was highly disobedient and barely tolerated any authority, which made this poem the perfect subject for animation

  page 1 of the moodboard for this project  

The next big step: research & storyboard


This is how I do styleboards. Here, I take images from other existing animated content that achieves the same goal of this project and put them all in one document for evaluation and assessment. Here, I especially liked the geometric yet thin lined style of Phantom Boy (2015) as well as another work featuring a more painterly feel. I ended basing my style for this animation on these two approaches. However, I didn't like the geometric feel of Phantom, hence I gave my animation more of a squiggly vision look (in slight resembelence to Home Movies and Dr. Katz: Professional Therapist)

After I completed this storyboard, I began to realize that this style communicated in these sketches looked perhaps too sophomoric in tone.

page 1 of the storyboard for this project
page 2 of the storyboard for this project

final design for this project  

The moment before the moment of truth (new character design & styleframes!)

After looking at some more inspirations, I ended up with these character design for both the student and teacher in the short. I decided to blend both the childish squiggly lines and the round bouncy shape of his body to give a fun, warm feeling to the adaption of the poem.


These styleframes were painted in Photoshop to show the instructor and other classmates what the initial concept would look like before the process of animating began

styleframe 1 of this project
styleframe 2 of this project

Finally, the moment of truth


An animatic was made just to get the timing right before starting the final animation