Website Redesign: About Them

My inspiration

I started with what makes this organization, AboutThem, different and unique from all the other organizations that have the same mission and created a new design and styleguide that makes the distinction clear.

How I got there

I took out what really stook out for me (potential) and made a clear identity based on that.


I have never made a style guide before, so this was my chance to prove myself to this company and teach myself how to create a style guide through the experience.


This was a paid project that I did remotely from the RIT campus, while also logging in my hours myself.

about them styleguide page 1  
about them styleguide page 2  
about them styleguide page 3  
about them styleguide 4  
about them styleguide 5  
about them styleguide 6  
about them animation  

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