Chime: New Media Team Project

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Our inspiration

We wanted to answer the question "what does a community sound like?" by creating an interactive experience where different voices come together to create one experience at ImagineRIT, a family-friendly festival on campus. For the final project, we asked people, all over campus, to record their own sound on their phone using our web app that will then be uploaded to our sound database. At ImagineRIT, this April, everyone was pleasently surprised to find that their voices together have created an amazing musical experience with their contributions.

How we got there

It took many meetings for our group to finally solidify the actual idea for our ImagineRIT experience. As designers, we worked together on the UI and branding while the developers worked on the code behind the app and experience functionality.


With this project, anything can happen. There really aren't many things that are set in stone, so working on the dot when things happen can be quite tricky. However, after awhile, I became more comfortable with being uncertain about every next step.


Showcased the exhibit at ImagineRIT.