Ethshar Puzzle Game: Taliscraft

taliscraft moodboard
Early Comps
taliscraft early page 1   taliscraft early page 2   taliscraft early page 3  
Final Comps
taliscraft page 1  
taliscraft page 2  
Our inspiration

Our goal was to make a digital puzzle game that replicates the feeling of mystery and magic present in the Ethshar series. I, the Art Director of the group, decided to accomplish this goal by styling the User Interface after old mechanical drawings and the different patterns of spider webs.

How we got there

The first UI I can up with looked too much like a medical app. However, after a short time of research, I decided to go for the final design you see in the game.


It was painful sometimes to convert every UI element into a .png whenever a change needed to be made (not like working on a regular application with Xcode or any other GUI toolkit).


We made that is fun to play.