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Playmobil Fun Screen

The Problem

The average Playmobil adult male does not have a simple, black-and-white interface that can allow him to marry the love of his life without headache or complexity.

The Solution

Create a straightforward experience with large text, rounded serifs, and bulky buttons that will allow the Playmobil male to automatically marry his soulmate automatically picked out for him by the playform. Also, the interface can by used by any adult Playmobil figure not molded with fingers. Yes, they don't have fingers.

page 1 of the research document for this project

The next big step: comparative analysis

Playmobil figures are very similar, physically and intellectually, to other toy races and cultures such as Lego Minifigs and GI-Joes. One episode of The Simpsons I looked at for inspiration was Brick Like Me which looks at an alterative universe of Springfield where all of the characters behave and think as Lego Minifigs. Another inspiration was the UI style of the 1980s Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy BBC Series. While minifigs exhibit similar childlike sensibilities, they differ from Playmobil people in terms of tolerance of real world senarios. Playmobil people are made in Germany, and they're sold to demographics much younger than the demographis targeted by The Lego Group. Playmobil people are also made for pretend play, not construction. They're completely against the words butt, dude, awesome, and ice cream. In the world of Playmobil, topics regarding popular movies and catchphrases are an absolute no-no.

page 2 of the research document for this project
page 3 of the research document for this project
page 3 of the research document for this project

composition one for this project
composition two for this project

Before starting the magic animation machine: preliminary compositions

I do these to get the hierarchy just right before the big red After Effects button is pushed to start the process. And once the animation is done in the kitchen, it goes to YouTube.