CAD Goofy Lava Lamp Replica

My inspiration

After rewatching classic episodes of Goof Troop, I decided to create a replica of a Goofy Lava Lamp that features a light in CAD that can be 3D printed and manufactured again. The replica also needed to include joints and animation for the assembly. This piece shows my ability to learn new tools on the fly, even when it has nothing to do with my particular field or expertise

How I got there

I then chose to go with the route of a children's drawing style that communicates the poem's theme of disobedience, dismissal of authority, and the satisfaction of ignorance. As a child between the ages of 5-8, I was highly disobedient and barely tolerated any authority, which made this poem the perfect subject for animation


I don't it's practical to make a model like this in Fusion 360


I am proud of what I've accomplished with this program

sketch of the goofy lava lamp
reference of the original lava lamp from Diznoid Toys
Research & Sketches

First, I found the image of the original product for educational purposes. Courtesy of Diznoid Toys (Link).

Then, based on this image, I sketched out the same model with all the parts and mechanics labeled.

fifth rendering of the lava lamp
fifth rendering of the lava lamp
Character Designs

At various points in the modeling stage, I then rendered the images Fusion 360 that record just how the model went from just a sculpture block to the full replica. Here are all the renderings in all their glory. Click on the thumbnails for a full view.

third rendering of the lava lamp
fourth rendering of the lava lamp
fifth rendering of the lava lamp

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