Ford Autonomous Vehicle Project

My inspiration

As autonmous, self-driving vehicles become the norm in the year 2050, car companies will begin to struggle selling cars as consumers forgo insurance and the risks associated with being on the road. So, I chose Ford as the surrounding brand

How I got there

This desires a straightforward experience with large text, rounded serifs, and bulky buttons that will allow the Playmobil male to automatically marry his soulmate picked out for him by the platform. Also, the interface can by used by any adult Playmobil figure not molded with fingers. Yes, they don't have fingers. Also, I could only use a piano track since Playmobil men are beyond the scope of human adult content


Ford turned out to be a challenging brand to work with for various reasons. One of which is the dominance of blue all throughout the company brand. I also didn't have access to their branding guidelines (since they weren't really my client). I also struggled with coming up with this solution overall since this was at least 30 years down the line


An experimental autonomous vehicle solution for Ford

screen for the Ford Autonomous Vehicle Concept

Car crash image

Photo courtesy of Pixabay, VladArtist

Allstate image

Photo courtesy of Allstate Insurance


Here is the senario taken from the official project directions written by New Media Design Professor Joel Rosen:

"Over 70K people die in traffic fatalities in the US every year. Over 90% of the accidents are the result of human errors. As systems capable of safely managing transportation are developed, the human role in operating individual vehicles will be reduced to that of the passenger, simply providing destinations and other requests. When faced with the prospect of relinquishing control of the vehicle, the passengers trust in the operating system must be substantial in order to accept the change..."

Besides Ford being a classic car company, their blue color scheme and the fact that Ford was the first car company to include touchscreen interfaces in their vehicles was the main reason for choosing to build a solution around the Ford brand rather than the brands of other car manufacturers. Blue also symbolizes trust, peace, order, and loyalty in Psychology (Judy Scott-Kemmis, Empowerd By Color). As a result, this project was an opportunity to capitalize on Ford's color identity by making such a brand relevent to this soon to be reality

In the future, the color blue will represent a different kind of loyalty. Not to the insurance company or the driver, but to the vehicle itself

Sketch for project   Second sketch for project

To get an early idea of what my proposed design solution for Ford would look like, I did some preliminary sketches based on the manufacturer's current branding for their touchscreen based interface for their vehicles

*Proposed look for the speech icon when registering what a rider is saying

Workflow (Procedural Process)
Workflow for project

User Stories
user stories for project
Wireframe screen 1
Wireframe screen 2
Wireframe screen 3
Wireframe screen 4
Preliminary Comps
Preliminary comp screen 1
Preliminary comp screen 2
Preliminary comp screen 3
Preliminary comp screen 4
Final Comps
Comp screen 1
Comp screen 2
Comp screen 3
Comp screen 4

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