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Disney Friend Product Concept (Summer 2018)


As a person, who actually is on the Autism Spectrum, I wanted to make a solution for parents that would be more successful at tracking more severe children who wander too far away from home. I also wanted to have a real Disney Character talking to the child, rather than an actual human since many children on the spectrum identify with their favorite Disney characters more than people. So, that's the reason for using all this copyrighted material under the grounds of fair use

Final Gem

Create a control app for the parents, which will then connect with the app on the child's watch that will also have the GPS data


sketch 1


This is the first concept page I came up with during a day of boredom in Florida. As soon as I saw this, I knew I had something under my sleeve. I drew the Genie here since I miss Robin Williams so much. I also have here a rough flow chart with a limited realization of the app's funtionality

sketch 2

Logo & Branding

I may not have the style guide widely available to me, but I at least tried to fit my app concept into the Disney umbrella as closely as possible. I imagined a swirl representing a mother or father holding their disney child in their arms for protection


Functionality Sketches

Here are the sketches for the user experiences of the apps for both the parent's phone and the child's watch

phone comp 1
phone comp 2
phone comp 3

Final Phone Comps

Contains a Disney red gradient and blue to fit in with the company identity

watch comp 1
watch comp 2

Final Watch Comps