My Interests

My Interests
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C++ coding C coding Skiing
Sassing professors Killing memory leaks Emergency medicine
Overarchitecting Hating my life Writing fanfiction

Hey, look! It's a table with at least three rows of things i'm interested in! Also, it's me!

dear god why am I so ugly
It's-ah me!

I have, like, so many interests. Like, you wouldn't believe it. I love puppies, like this one:

Large dog says, 'y r u so smol'. Small dog says, 'i am pupper'. It's very funny.
It's a puppy!

I'm also interested in things I'm a part of, like the National Ski Patrol and the National Registry of Emergency Medical Technicians. I plan to join RITA as soon as I've gotten my New York EMT certification, which... basically just involves waiting for paperwork.

To be a little more serious, one of my main interests is coding (obviously). I especially like lower-level coding -- C more than Python -- because of the amount of control I get over the machine. Recently, I've been getting into Rust because it feels like C# in terms of needing to do anything manually, but actually gives you the same amount of control as C, thanks to its advanced memory semantics. [Long, nerdy explanation removed for brevity]

My second interest, as you might have guessed, is skiing. I've been skiing for a while; I started in the freestyle team at Belleayre Mountain as the youngest person to ever join, because they lowered the age requirment just for me. I was in for several years, and then, at seventeen, I 'graduated' to Ski Patrol. Specifically, Young Adult Patrollers, who are fully certified, but not legally allowed to treat patients alone.

Of course, I wasn't originally interested in being a ski patroller. I just liked skiing. When I started working on the Ski Patrol, I realized that I really enjoyed helping people when they needed it most, and I decided to go for my EMT. Like I said, I hope to join RIT Ambulance, as soon as my paperwork to get my EMT transferred to New York goes through.

My last interest is writing. I'm not particularly good at it, but that doesn't mean I don't enjoy it! I normally write sci-fi, because I write what I'd like to read.