Working Title is a top-down driving game, inspired by Grand Theft Auto. It's meant to be played on keyboard and mouse or a controller, and lets you play as a worker avoiding hassles on his way to work -- skirting traffic jams, dodging pedestrians, and doing his or her best to get to work on time without attracting the attention of the police.


The game itself is fairly simple, and mostly involves variations on the "drive around" theme. There are various types of obstacles -- pedestrians, who won't slow you down much, but if you hit them, it'll trigger a police response; stoplights, which you can run, but it'll... er, trigger a police response. There are speed traps, too, which, if you go too fast through, will... uh. Well, you can guess.

The first level is a simple road, with sharp turns to get the player used to the car handling and other cars to get them used to dodging traffic. There will be a shortcut which isn't too hard to find, but requires somewhat better driving to use effectively. From there, bit by bit, more features will be added -- first pedestrians, who you can hit with just a text warning that police are on the way, then adding an actual police response, then each of the other obstacles. The introduction of each new element is spaced out from the rest to keep the player from being too overwhelmed. Each of the levels is just a few minutes long; the game is designed to be played in short chunks.

Police responses, again similarly to GTA, are not the end of the game. If you can dodge the cop cars and get to the exit of the level, you still win the level. It's just probably going to be harder to get there as fast as possible if there are cops in the way.

The gameplay is largely focused on twitch reactions and fast reflexes, though in the broad strokes, memorization is possible. The fastest route through a map can be navigated by memory, but the placement of the various obstacles is somewhat randomized. For example, a car may on some runs pull out of a driveway in front of you; in others, it may not. Each of the obstacles will have enough forewarning that an alert player can dodge them even the first time they encounter it, but memorization may help there as well.

There will be at least one shortcut per level, but they'll all have risks associated with the reward of a somewhat faster time. For example, a construction site might be closed off by a large truck thirty seconds into the level, but if they can get in before the truck, they can shave five seconds off of their final time. Another shortcut might be a ramp which, if the player isn't going fast enough, will make them crash and have to recover at the cost of more time.

There isn't a game over -- no matter what happens, if the player can figure out how to get out of their situation, they're free to try. This might lead to some... odd situations where police cars are boxing the player's care in completely, but no matter what, it's always the player's choice to restart. They can restart at any time with a single keypress, and there are times when it definitely makes more sense to restart than to try to work your way out of a situation.

Possible features