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Web Hosting Environment

The RIT Web Environment is developed and maintained by the University Web Services (UWS) group of RIT's Information & Technology Services (ITS). You can contact UWS by e-mailing For specific support-related questions or to report problems with the service, please contact the ITS HelpDesk.
Please note that we are able to provide support for the RIT Web Environment, but we are unable to answer generic programming questions about the development of web applications, unless the questions relate to RIT's implementation of the technologies. For example, please do not ask us "how do I do a for loop in PHP," but it is perfectly fine to say "I followed your documentation for searching RIT's LDAP directories from within PHP, but it doesn't seem to be working - please help."

RIT Web Site

The RIT Web Site is developed and maintained by the University Publications group. Please feel free to direct any questions to and we'll forward them onto them as appropriate.