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"...Wednesday's child has far to go...."

......AND "GO" THEY DO ..... in all conditions. The WC-ers (below, left) shown here galloped off at 7am on either 3-mile or 5-mile run/walks in 14 degree weather on
Wednesday, December 18, 2002.
They are (from left, front) Bruce Oliver, Luane Davis, Gary "steal that present, baby" Blatto-Valee; (second row) Molly (her first time running) Wezel, Marissa "goin' ultras soon, puppy" Gordon; Robb Adams; (back row) Kathy Rick, Mark "II" Harrison, Randy Vercauteren, and Clyde "the glyde" Sumner. Missing from the photo, but present that day for the run were Brad "runner-man-soon-to-be-thong-man" Matthews, John "hultzamania" Hultz, and Tom "surely he'll go" Givens.


..... AND "GO" THEY DO ..... in all conditions. The WC-ers shown here(below right) powered off at 7am on either 3-mile or 5-mile run/walks in beautiful 62-plus degree weather on
Wednesday, July 11, 2007.
They are (front row, from left ) John "the jett" Cox; " Luane "actorwoman" Davis;" Kathy "the runnin' realtor" Rick; and Robb "rocket" Adams; (back row) "Mahvelous" Marv Eisenstein;
Heidi, aka "joan," Nickisher; Norm "farm runner" Greiner; and Mark "II" Harrison.

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December 18, 2002

July 11, 2007










****Who are we?***
Wednesday's Children (WC-ers) is an informal running group that gathers at 7am every Wednesday morning for a loop run around the campus of the Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT). The runs usually vary from 2 to 9 miles, and the paces vary from a 6:30 per mile pace to a 12:30 per mile pace. The group has coffee and bites afterwards at the RIT CROSSROADS RESTAURANT located close to the finish near S LOT.

****Where are we?
Wednesday's Children start from the north end of the S LOT parking area (west side of campus). See map of RIT. Or try following these directions: Directions to Wednesday's Children's 7am Run

****What do we look like?
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*****What do WC-ers talk about?

For a sample of one week's questions, click here.

*****What special runs do we take?
For the past three years, we have managed to have at least one group run along the beautiful Genesee Valley Greenway Trail. Starting at the Trail's entrance in Canawaugus Park in Scottsville, we run south for 3 to 5 miles (somewhere between 30 and 60 minutes), and then repair to the Scottsville Diner, home of the best, most inexpensive breakfast in the local Genesee Valley area. For pictures, click here.

Well, the route is not special, but the environment changes so much that it seems like a special run. Bites and beverages after at IHOP (The normal "biting" place, RIT's Crossroad's Restaurant, was closed.) For pictures of what it can be like, click here.

For the first time in fall, in 2002,we traipsed along a route that was definately special--a 10K trail run at Mendon Ponds led by Robb "Rocket" Adams. No pictures, sorry, but a very challenging dirt course thick with wet leaves and littered with numerous uphills, downhills, tree roots, and rocks. It's the same route that features in the GV Harriers Mendon Ponds fall distance runs. Bites and beverages after at the "Mega Weg" in Pittsford Plaza.

(picture in progress)