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Dr. P. Venkataraman has a Ph.D. in Aero-Astronautics from Rice University, Houston, Texas. He holds a B.Tech degree in Aeronautical Engineering from the Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur, India, and an .M.S. degree in Mechanical Engineering from Rice University.

Dr. Venkataraman worked for several years with the Helicopter Design Bureau of Hindustan Aeronautics Ltd, Bangalore, India. At RIT, he has taught over 40 courses across the spectrum in mechanical engineering and the aerospace option, both at the undergraduate and graduate level. Subjects include mechanics, fluid mechanics, transport phenomena, computational fluid dynamics, numerical analysis, computer programming, optimization, system dynamics, and flight dynamics. He is the facilitator for the CFD Laboratory and the Graduate Computation Laboratory in the Mechanical Engineering department.

Dr. Venkataraman's research and professional development areas include applied optimization direct and inverse boundary value problems, trajectory shaping in nonlinear dynamic systems, applied CFD computation, software development (MATLAB, Java, C++, Java), and Web content development. He has over 400 MB of original content on the web and is seriously engaged in harnessing the web for instructional advantages. Dr. Venkataraman is the author of “Applied Optimization with MATLAB Programming”, published by John Wiley, 2002 (edition 1), and 2010 (edition 2).

Dr. Venkataraman has developed a unique meshless procedure to obtain explicit solutions for boundary value problems. He has developed a draft of a book based on his current research. He is currently working to extend it three and finally, to problems in unsteady three-dimensional physics. It is a simple uniform procedure that can solve boundary value problems of all types and from all disciplines.

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