Paul Wenger

Journal Publications

* denotes undergraduate coauthor
** denotes high school teacher coauthor

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  • 4. C. Accurso*, V. Chernyshov*, L. Hand*, S. Jahanbekam, and P. Wenger: Weak Dynamic Coloring of a Planar Graph, Submitted 2018. pdf
  • 3. F. Johnson*, A. Raleigh*, P. Wenger, and D.B. West: The Unit Acquisition Number of a Graph, Submitted 2017. pdf
  • 2. M. Ferrara, S. Jahanbekam, Z. Füredi, and P. Wenger: List-Distinguishing Cartesian Products of Cliques, Submitted 2017. pdf
  • 1. C. Erbes, M. Ferrara, R.R. Martin, and P. Wenger: Stability of the Potential Function, Submitted 2016. pdf

    Conference Papers

  • 3. N. Cahill, H. Singh, C. Zhang, D. Corcoran, A. Prengaman, P. Wenger, J. Hamilton, P. Bajorski, and A. Michael, Multiple-view Spectral Clustering for Group-wise Functional Community Detection, MICCIA Workshop on Brain Analysis using Connectivity Networks, October 2016.
  • 2. N. Cahill, S. Chew*, and P. Wenger: Spatial-spectral dimensionality reduction of hyperspectral imagery with partial knowledge of class labels, Proc. SPIE Defense + Security: Algorithms and Technologies for Multispectral, Hyperspectral, and Ultraspectral Imagery XXI, April 2015.
  • 1. A. Ziemann, D.W. Messinger, and P. Wenger: An Adaptive k-nearest Neighbor Graph Building Technique with Applications to Hyperspectral Imagery, Proc. IEEE Western New York Image and Signal Processing Workshop, November 2014. pdf


  • P. Wenger: Independent Crossings and Independent Sets, Unpublished Manuscript, 2008. pdf