This slide show has focused on the unique Galapagos animals and the interaction that visitors can have with them. However, no view of the Galapagos would be complete without seeing the beautiful and surprising landscapes. To sailors of previous centuries, the Galapagos were also known as the "Enchanted Islands," or "Las Islas Encantadas." This name was originally derived from the difficult currents and sudden fogs that made the islands so hard to navigate and chart. Indeed, some thought that there were several sets of Galapagos Islands, and others thought that the islands actually floated from place to place. Today, the name "Encatadas" takes on a new meaning. It is hard not to be enchanted by the harsh volcanic landscapes, the magnificent sea cliffs, the cloud-covered volcanoes, the striking beaches, and the beautiful sunsets.

The Galapagos are a haven of conservation, but also a place where ecological disaster looms near. After following Darwin's footsteps in the Galapagos, it is easy to see why he believed that here "we seem to be brought somewhat near to that great fact - that mystery of mysteries - the first appearance of new beings on earth."