Sample Exams (Printable PDF Files)

Exam 1
Exam 2
Exam 3

Key Concept Questions

  • These files are actual exams from a previous year.

  • While they are a good indication of how I ask questions and what I expect on an exam, please remember that the exams reflect the quarter in which they were given.

  • From year to year, the pacing may be different, and what is covered on Exam 1, for example, in one year, might be covered on Exam 2 in another.

  • Similarly, while the course is generally the same from year to year, in each year there is variation in topics covered and emphasis given.

  • The best way to use these exams as study guides is to look at all of them before each exam and to focus on the specific topics covered during your quarter. Do not assume that something on Exam 2 in the samples will not be on Exam 1 in your quarter.

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