Graduate students

Timothy Schmocke, M.S. (2013)
Project: Multi-objective, multi-criteria optimization with multiple decision makers: A fuzzy logic application.

Cristina Cignarale, M.S. (2013)
Project: The effect of isolation requirements in bed scheduling in hospitals

Manuel Tolentino Pena, M.S. (2013)
Project: Inpatient dialysis scheduling

Ashwin Damodharan, M.S. (2012)
Project: Minimizing vaccine wastage by optimizing the vial size

Mauricio Pommier, M.S. (2012)
Project: Using revenue management techniques to provide preferential access to vaccines for infectious diseases' most vunerable cohorts

Wenbo Zhang, M.S. (2011)
Project: Designing heuristics for the optimal pricing of combination vaccines

Akshit Agarwal, M.S. candidate

Ajith Sharma, M.S. candidate

Patrick Ranahan, M.S. candidate

Karl Corporan, M.S. candidate

Richard Latham, M.S. candidate

Galo Mosquera, M.S. candidate

Undergraduate students

Kayla Cole
Project: Isolation requirements and patient flow at NWCH

Abbey Burns, B.S.
Benjamin Jilson, B.S.
Project: Optimal location of windmills to minimize wake-effect

Christina Cignarale, B.S.
Timothy Schmoke, B.S.
Project: Get in shape: Multi-objective shortest path approach to schedule physical exercise routines


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