International Exchange Program in Design
Rochester Institute of Technology,
USA and Hochschule Anhalt, Dessau, Germany

What is the exchange program?
It is a flexible experiential opportunity for design students and faculty from both schools to participate in taking classes, teaching classes, developing and participating in workshops, conferences and special projects. While it enhances the experience, it is not be necessary to speak German.

The goals of the program are to
• promote an "international" view
• develop multi-cultural attitudes
• learn design in a professional setting

How did this program begin?
This exchange program was initiated by Volker Hausin, a Rochester designer, originally from Germany. As a member of Rotary International, he made contact with fellow Rotarians in Dessau and faculty at the Hochschule Anhalt. Rotary International supports the program both in the USA and Germany.

How is the program administered at RIT?
The exchange program exists in the School of Design,
College of Imaging Arts & Sciences. Professor R. Roger Remington
(Graphic Design) is the faculty contact person.

What is the Hochschule Anhalt?
It is the College of Anhalt founded in 1991 and located in Dessau, Germany southwest of Berlin. It has important program similarities to RIT in media, technology and creative areas. It has classrooms and studios in the restored Walter Gropius building from the Dessau Bauhaus and shares program activities with the Bauhaus Foundation. In common with RIT, the Hochschule Anhalt has highly quality professional programs in design (i.e. Visual Communications, Product Design, Multi-Media, etc.)

What are the criteria for selection?
• Faculty recommendations
• High grade point average
• Ability to finance travel, supplies
• Willingness to learn some German language

What should I do if I am interested?
Send a letter of intent to
Professor R. Roger Remington with a copy of your resume.
Email address - rrrfad@rit.edu
or drop it off at Room 07-3404.