Formal Visual Aesthetics
Paul Klee-The Thinking Eye, Vol. 1 Spiller
Paul Klee Notebooks, Vol. 2 Spiller
Pedagogical Sketchbook, Klee
Sign & Symbol, Frutiger
Basic Principles of Design, Maier
Design and Form, Itten
Graphic Design Manual, Hofmann
Basic Visual Concepts/Principles, Wallschlaeger/Snyder
Inside/Outside, Grear
Perception and Imaging, Zakia
A Primer of Visual Literacy, Dondis
Vision in Motion, Moholy Nagy
Language of Vision, Kepes
Visual Thinking, Arnheim
Color: Color Primer 1 & 2, Zakia
Interaction of Color, Albers
The Spirit of Color, Gerstner
The Forms of Color, Gerstner

Graphic Design Process, Hiebert

Typography and Letterform
Compendium For Literates, Gerstner
Typography, Ruder
Typographic Communications, Today Gottschalk
Modern Typography, Kinross
American Typography Today, Carter
Typographic Design: Form + Communication, Carter/Day/Meggs
Type and Image, Meggs

Organization Systems
Dynamic Symmetry, Herter
Power of Limits, Doczi
Layout, Hurlburt
The Grid, Hurlburt
Grid Systems, Muller-Brockmann
Design For Non-Profit Organizations, Laundy and Vignelli
Mystic Spiral, Purce
Sacred Geometry, Lawlor
The Modulor 1 & 2, Corbusier
Logic and Design, Barratt

The Graphic Artist & His Design Problems, Muller-Brockmann
The Design Concept, Hurlburt
Thinking Visually, McKim
Mind Over Media, Van Wodtke
Universal Traveler, Koberg & Bagnall

Designing Programmes, Gerstner
The Tao of Pooh, Hoff
Psychology of Everyday Things, Norman
Creative Effective Advertising Using Semiotics, Nadin/Zakia
Notes On the Synthesis of Form, Alexander
Communication/The Living End, Ciampa

Professional Orientation
Notes on Graphic Design & Visual Communication, Berrymann
Thoughts on Design, Rand
A Designers Art, Rand
Design Form and Chaos, Rand
His Work, Quest and Philosophy, Hofmann
Graphic Design: A Career Guide and Education Directory, American Institute of Graphic Arts

History of Graphic Design
Nine Pioneers in American Graphic Design, Remington/Hodik
A History of Graphic Design, Meggs
Pioneers of Modern Typography, Spencer
Lester Beall: Trailblazer of American Graphic Design, Remington
Brodovitch, Grundberg
The Art of Graphic Design, Thompson
Modern Magazine Design, Owen
A History of Visual Communication, Muller-Brockmann
The Origins of Graphic Design in America -1870-1920, Thomson
Pioneers of Modern Design, Pevsner

Information Design
The Visual Display of Quantitative Information, Tufte
Visual Explanations, Tufte
Envisioning Information, Tufte
Information Graphics, Wildbur
Diagrams Graphis
Designers Guide to Creating Charts & Graphs, Holmes
Dutch Sign Design

Interactive Media
Hypertext Landow
Creating Killer Web Sites, Siegel
Technopoly, Postman
Understanding Hypermedia, Cotton/Olner

General Reference
American Graphic Design, Thomson