Design Archive Online

Rochester Institute of Technology
DesgnArchiveOnline is a networked learning resource on the history of design. An interactive collection of images and supporting textual documentation drawn from the Wallace Library Special Collections, it provides the means to make the unique primary resources in these collections easily accessible to users and promotes wider use of the collections while protecting the fragile and valuable items they include.

DesignArchiveOnline creates opportunities for new interdisciplinary course development using related content materials and permits a wide range of interpretive outcomes based on a common networked resource.

Module One
20th Century Editorial Design

This module focuses on the history of twentieth-century magazine design and photography, a subject central to the curriculums of Art & Design, Photography and Printing, all units in the College of Imaging Arts & Sciences. This topic also presents a good overview of the Special Collections resources, presenting 900 images from seven of the ten designer archives as well as the Rare Periodicals Collection. Designer archives include Alexey Brodovitch, Will Burtin, Lester Beall, George Giusti, Cipe Pineles, William Golden, Ladislav Sutnar, Alvin Lustig, Dr. M.F. Agha and Hans Barschel The database and imagebank provide outstanding examples of graphic design, typographic design, editorial illustration, editorial photography and fashion and advertising photography as well as a historical timeline for the development of these fields in the twentieth century.

DesignArchiveOnline is based on Professor Roger Remington’s 1990 audio-visual presentation Great Innovators in Editorial Design, made for the Centre Georges Pompidou in Paris. This program included 1,200 images—magazine single pages, spreads, sequences and covers and selective supporting images—with their descriptive textual records. Also important in the forming of the prototype is the Graphic Design Archive project, an electronic demonstration project in which 31,000 graphic design images on laserdisc were made available with a HyperCard interface.

URL: http://design.rit.edu/

Module Two
20th Century Information Design

The second module, on information Design, supports a new distance learning course titled "20th Century Information Design." Composed of over 1300 images from the Will Burtin Collection in the Wallace Library Archives and Special Collections, this module establishes a research imagebank and database for much of Burtin's outstanding work. An acknowledged pioneer of information design, Burtin (1908-1972) had a long and distinguished career in graphic design, exhibit design, packaging and magazine art direction. The imagebank contains references from his major career projects including work done in Germany in the 1920's and 1930's, work done for the U.S. Air Force during World War II, work done as Art Director for Fortune Magazine and work done for Upjohn Company, including publications, major exhibits and other interpretive visualization work.

URL: http://design.rit.edu/DAO/