Dr. Roger Harnish  Professor of Psychology (Retired)

Email: rwhgss@rit.edu

Recent Academic Activities

Harnish, Roger. DreamProfessor. IPhone and IPad App. Bobee Studios. July, 2013
This is a dream analysis program Dream Professor

Harnish, Roger. Holiday Stress. Rochester in Focus. Channel 10 TV program. December, 2012.
YouTube Video

Harnish, Roger. Holiday Stress. 1370 Connection WXXI radio program Rochester, N.Y. Dec. 10, 2012.

Harnish, Roger. RIT Professor Offers New Tips to Easing Holiday Stress. RIT University News December, 2012.

Harnish, Roger. PERSONALITY THEORIES TO INSPIRE YOU. CreateSpace Publishing, 2012. ISBN 13-978-1475124699