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Cinéma l'Univers (Lille, France – 2015)

Faculty Exhibition, Rochester Institute of Technology (Rochester, New York – 2015)

L'Association du Tati Roulant (La Madeleine, France – 2015)

Scratch Cinema/Light Cone, Le Studio des Ursulines (Paris, France – 2015). Solo In-Person Film Exhibition/Retrospective

ANIMUZA | Muzyka Wizualna (Poland - 2015). Visual music program

Burstscratch (Strasbourg, France – 2015). Solo Film Exhibition. Present for this event

NOVELLA Showcase, TV series (Jackson, MI – 2014)

Visual Music: An iota Salon Collection 1960-2014 at the Spectacle (Brooklyn, NY – 2014)

International Electroacoustic Music Festival (Brooklyn, New York – 2014)

FUSO - Anual de Vídeo Arte Internacional de Lisboa (Lisbon, Portugal – 2014)

ASIFA San Francisco (San Francisco, California – 2014)

Experimental Abstract Animation, Stuttgart International Festival of Animated Film, (Stuttgart, Germany - 2014)

L'Association du Tati Roulant (La Madeleine, France - 2014)

Cinema Experimentale avec Braquage (Paris, France - 2014)

University of Southern California, Seminar Series with Huckleberry Lain (Los Angeles, California - 2014)

Animated Women, ShutoCon annual conference (Lansing, Michigan - 2014). Film program screening, curated by Charles Wilson

IM-PULSE, Eastman School of Music (Rochester, New York - 2014). Marimba Quartet premiere

SOFA Faculty Show, RIT (Rochester, New York - 2014)

Hatfield Marine Science Center (Newport, Oregon - 2014). Ocean premiere

L'Association du Tati Roulant (Lille, France – December, 2013)

Exploratorium (San Francisoc, California – November 2013)

L'Association du Tati Roulant (Lille, France – June 30, 2013)

L'Association du Tati Roulant (Lille, France – June 15, 2013)

Mire (Nantes, FRANCE – April 17, 2013)

Mire (Nantes, FRANCE – April 15, 2013)

Cinema Utopia (Montpellier, France – 2013)

Agence du Court Métrage (Paris, France – December 2012)

Solo Exhibition, Echo Park Film Center, (Los Angeles, California - 2012)

Program screening: Projections on the Lake (Pasadena, California - 2012)

Program screening: Braquage (Paris, France - 2012)

Fringe Festival screening of Signal (Rochester, New York - 2012)

Unitec Institute of Technology, (Auckland, New Zealand - 2012). Retrospective

Punto y Raya Festival (Barcelona, Spain - 2012)

Punto y Raya Festival (Madrid, Spain - 2011)

Artist-in-Residence presentation, Snow White Gallery, Unitec Institute of Technology (Auckland, New Zealand - 2011)

Chromatic Cinema Series Traversing the Palette (San Francisco, California - 2011)

Understanding VISUAL Music 2011, Hexagram-Concordia Centre for Research Creation in Media Arts and Technologies, Concordia University (Montreal, Quebec, Canada - 2011)

Animated Short Movies, Northern Flickers (Olympia, Washington - 2011)

Randall Hall Concert of Music and Visual Works, Simpson College (Indianola, Iowa - 2011). Collaborative work, Reflecting Pool presented

An Evening of Visual Music, Center for Research in Computer Music and Acoustics,, Stanford University (Palo Alto, California - 2011)

Concervatorio Superior de Música de A Coruna (A Coruna, Spain - 2011)

Courtisane Festival, Baby Matinee (Gant, Belgium - 2011)

Twentieth Century Animations, Berkeley Art Museum and Pacific Film Archive (Berkeley, California - 2011)

Cinema Appolo (Châteauroux, France - 2011)

University of North Carolina, Mark Langford Recital (Greensboro, North Carolina - 2010)

Vital Imagery: Animation and Life by Phillip Thurtle, University of New Mexico (Albuquerque, New Mexico - 2010)

Forum des Images (Paris, France - 2010)

Cinema Apollo (Pontaut-Combault, France - 2010)

Stephanie Maxwell Visual Music, Northwest Film Forum (Seattle, Washington - 2009). Retrospective

Electronic Music Concert, Staller Center, Stony Brook University (Stony Brook, New York - 2009)

ASIFA Portland (Portland, Oregon - 2009). Personal works

Evergreen State College (Olympia, Washington - 2009). Personal works

Visual Music Marathon, School of Visual Arts (New York, New York - 2009)

New Scores, Renewed Visions, Dryden Theater, George Eastman House (Rochester, New York - 2009)

Fast, Faster, Fast!, Northeastern University (Boston, Massachusetts - 2009)

2009 School of Film and Animation Faculty Show, Rochester Institute of Technology (Rochester, New York - 2009)

Cinema Eldorado (Dijon, France - 2008)

LA Filmforum, Egyptian Theater (Hollywood, California - 2008). Retrospective of personal works, Stephanie Maxwell Visual Music

La Couleur de la Musique, Les Soirees de la Mariee Desirante (Orleans, France - 2008)

Forum des Images, Centre Audiovisuel de Paris (Paris, France - 2008)

Highlights from the Visual Music Marathon, Melbourne International Animation Festival (Melbourne, Australia - 2008)

Eyes and Ears: Sound Needs Image Part II, Hallwalls (Buffalo, New York - 2008). Guest filmmaker

ImageMovementSound 2008 Festival (Rochester, NY - 2008)

Mire (Nantes, France - 2008)

Visual Music Concert, Northeastern University (Boston, MA - 2008)

NJ State Film Festival (Cape May, New Jersey ‚ 2007)

Electroacoustic Juke Joint Concert (Cleveland, MS - 2007)

Milwaukee Art Museum (Milwaukee, WI - 2007)

Huddersfield Festival, Visual Music program (Huddersfield, England - 2007)

Lipa Festival, University of Iowa, Visual Music program (Ames, IA - 2007)

Visual Music, 28th Annual New Music & Art Festival (Bowling Green, OH - 2007). Guest artist

Best of ASIFA East 38th Annual Animation Competition (San Francisco, CA - 2007)

YLEM Forum: Visual Music (San Francisco, CA - 2007)

SIGGRAPH 2007, Selected Works from Visual Music Marathon (San Diego, CA - 2007)

Visual Music Marathon (Boston, MA - 2007)

Ladyfest Leeds, Visual Music program (Leeds, England - 2007)

ImageMovementSound 2007 Festival (two performances; Rochester, NY - 2007)

SoFA Faculty Show, RIT (Rochester, NY - 2007)

Best of IMS, Kilbourn Hall, Eastman School of Music (Rochester, NY - 2007)

Augustana College (Rock Island, IL - 2007)

Le Mouvement des Images, Centre Georges Pompidou (Paris, France - 2006)

Light Cone Show, Centre Georges Pompidou (Paris, France - 2006)

Moving Target 2006, Tulane University (New Orleans, LA - 2006)

Projector 2006, Dundee Contemporary Arts (Dundee, Scotland - 2006)

Yantai Music Festival, Yantai Concert Hall (Yantai, China - 2006)

Augustana College, Wallenberg Hall (Rock Island, IL - 2006)

University of Wisconsin (Whitewater, WI - 2006)

Unitec Institute of Technology (Auckland, New Zealand - 2006). Guest artist

Light Play, Pleasure Dome (Toronto, Canada - 2006)

ASIFA San Francisco (San Francisco, CA - 2006). Retrospective

iota Salon (Los Angeles, CA - 2006)

Los Angeles Experimental Film Workshop (Los Angeles, CA - 2006)

ImageMovementSound 2006 Festival (Rochester, NY - 2006)

San Francisco Art Institute (San Francisco, CA - 2006)

San Francisco Exploratorium (2006)

Govett-Brewster Gallery (New Plymouth, New Zealand - 2005). Retrospective

Unitec Institute of Technology, Snowwhite Gallery (Auckland, New Zealand - 2005). Retrospective

ignifuge (Brunswick, Australia - 2005). Retrospective

University of Melbourne, Victoria College of the Arts (Melbourne, Australia - 2005)

Particles and Pixels Symposium (Auckland, New Zealand - 2005)

UTSA New Music Series 2005-2006 (San Antonio, TX - 2005)

Moving Target 2005, Northeastern University (Boston, MA - 2005)

ImageMovementSound 2005 Festival (Rochester, NY - 2005)

15th Auch Festival of Animation, Braquage Exhibit (Auch, France - 2005)

The Tank (New York, NY- 2005). Stephanie Maxwell Retrospective

Cinematheque de Saint Etienne (Saint Etienne, France - 2005)

Jerusalem Film Festival (Jerusalem, Israel - 2004)

Braquage (Paris, France - December 22, 2004)

Braquage (Paris, France - December 19, 2004)

New Music and Arts Festival (Bowling Green, OH - 2004)

15th Brisbane International Animation Festival, Kinetica 4 (Brisbane Australia - 2004)

OpFilm no. 12, Experiment in Cinema (Amsterdam, Netherlands - 2004)

Braquage (Paris, France - November 2004)

Marylhurst University, Randall Hall Recital (Portland, Oregon - 2004)

Braquage (Paris, France - October 2004)

Ottawa International Animation Festival (Ottawa, Canada - 2004). Stephanie Maxwell Retrospective and Meet the Masters presentations

Souterrain, Forum Des Images (Paris, France - 2004)

New Computer and Multimedia Works, Cornell University (Ithaca, NY - 2004)

The Tank (New York, NY - 2004)

Tinkering! Film Series, San Francisco Exploratorium (San Francisco, CA - 2004)

ImageMovementSound 2004 Festival (Rochester, NY - 2004)

American Composers Forum (Philadelphia, PA - 2004)

Mire (Nantes, France - 2004)

artcinema Off Off Gent (Ghent, Belgium - February 16, 2004)

artcinema Off Off Gent (Ghent, Belgium - February 9, 2004)

Forum des Images (Paris, France - February 2004)

Concert of Music and Video Works, Eastman School of Music (Rochester, NY - 2004)

Forum des Images (Paris, France - January 2004)

Festival AccÈs (s) (BillËre, France - 2003)

artcinema Off Off Gent (Ghent, Belgium - September 2003)

LUX (London, England - 2003). Retrospective (Projects 2003 link) of personal works

SCRATCH Cinema, Centre Wallonie-Bruxelles (Paris, France - 2003). Retrospective of personal works

artcinema Off Off Gent (Ghent, Belgium - August 2003)

New Music Series Concert: Electronic and Computer Music (San Antonio, TX - 2003)

Virginia Film Festival, special program of shorts (Charlottesville, VA - 2003)

New Music and Art Festival (Bowling Green, OH - 2003)

Collectif jeune cinÈma (Paris, France - 2003)

Le volcan - CinÈma l'Eden (Le Havre Cedex, France - 2003)

ImageMovementSound 2003 Festival (Rochester, NY - 2003)

Mindfest (Fort Worth, TX - 2003)

Carte Blanche ý Braquage (Paris, France - November 2003)Ý

Le Rendez-Vous Mensuel du Cinema D'Animation, L/Animatheque (Paris, France - 2003)

Kinetica 4, iotaCenter international touring program 2002-2004: Pacific Film Archive (Berkeley, CA), Anthology Film Archives (New York, NY), Los Angeles County Museum of Art (Los Angeles, CA), Harvard Film Archive (Cambridge, MA), Cinematheque Ontario (Toronto, Canada), Dayton Art Institute (Dayton, OH), Cleveland Museum of Art (Cleveland, OH), Northwest Film Forum (Seattle, WA), Videoex Festival (Zurich, Switzerland), International House of Film (Philadelphia, PA), University of Wisconsin, and Theatre on High (Moorpark, CA), 5th Brisbane International Animation Festival (Brisbane, Australia)

Gestion de Centros Culturales, S.A. (Madrid, Spain - 2002)

Eerste Laangste Nacht van de Experimentele Film, Provincaal Centrum voor Kunst en Cultuur Gent, artcinema OFF OFF Gent (Ghent, Belgium - 2002)

OpFilm no. 9: Recent Visions in Abstraction (Amsterdam, Netherlands - 2002)

Mire (Nantes, France - 2002)

ImageMovementSound 2002 Festival (Rochester, NY - 2002)

ASIFA East Festival Award Winning Films (Seattle, WA - 2002)

Slovenska Kinoteka/Slovenian Cinematheque (Ljubljana, Slovenia - 2002)

Das Fruhe Kino und die Avantgarde, SIXPACK FILM/Filmarchiv Austria (Vienna, Austria - 2002)

Now What? New Works, Visual Music Festival 2002 (Northwest Film Forum, Seattle, WA - 2002)

Not Still Art Touring Exhibition, Micro Museum (New York, NY - 2002)

ASIFA East Festival Award Winning Films (Hollywood, CA - 2002)

Video On Video Series (Saratoga Springs, NY - 2002)

Webster University Film Series, "Not Still Art Touring Exhibition" (St. Louis, MO - 2002)

Sound and Vision, Stetson University (DeLand, FL - 2002)

Festival Acces(s) Cultures Electroniques (Pau, France - 2001)

SCRATCH (Paris, France - 2001)

Experimentadesign (Paris, France - 2001)

The International Experimental Cinema Exposition (Telluride, CO - 2001)

SOFA Faculty Show, Rochester Institute of Technology (Rochester, NY - 2001)

Len Lye and the Direct Cinema Tradition, Pacific Film Archive (Berkeley, CA - 2001)

ImageMovementSound 2001 Festival (Rochester, NY - 2001)

Not Still Art International Tour Screening, Micro Museum (New York, NY - 2001)

Cameraless Animation, San Francisco Exploratorium (2001)

Old and New Films, San Francisco Exploratorium (2001)

Pentangle 5, Cornell University, exhibition of personal works (Ithaca, NY - 2001)

SOFA Faculty Show, Rochester Institute of Technology (Rochester, NY - 2000)

Le Fresnoy, Studio National des Arts Contmeporains (Cedex, France - 2000)

MJC Terre Neuve (Dunkerque Cedex, France - 2000)

ImageMovementSound 2000 Festival (Rochester, NY - 2000)

L'Art Du Mouvement (Angers, France - 2000)

Mire (Nantes, France - 2000)

OFF-OFF (Copenhagen, Denmark - 2000)

Centre National d'Art et de Culture Georges Pompidou (Paris, France - 2000)

Mire (Nantes, France - 1999)

L'Abominable (Asnieres Sur Seine, France - 1999)

Ethnicolor (Bordeaux, France - 1999)

Faculty Exhibition, Rochester Institute of Technology (Rochester, NY - 1999)

Cine-Musik, 'concert' series (two performances: Staatliche Hochschule f/r Musik in Freiburg, Germany and Eastman School of Music in Rochester, NY - 1999)

The Indies, cable broadcast series (San Francisco, CA - 1999)

ImageMovementSound 1999 Festival (Rochester, NY - 1999)

Sonic Circuits Series at Intermedia Arts (Minneapolis, MN - 1999)

Direct Animation, San Francisco Exploratorium, personal works (San Francisco, CA - 1999)

L'Abominable (Asnieres Sur Seine, France - 1998)

V Brazilian Symposium for Computer Music, visual media and computer music program (Belo Horizonte, Brazil - 1998)

Faculty Exhibition 1998, Rochester Institute of Technology (Rochester, NY - 1998)

Innovative New Computer Music Works and Experimental Animations, Colgate University (Hamilton, NY - 1997)

An Evening of New Computer Music and Experimental Films, Eastman School of Music (Rochester, NY - 1997)

Survey of Experimental Film: Old and New Masters, Mediatech Lorient (Lorient, France - 1995)

Zenetrope, animals in motion film program (Aix-en-Provence, France - 1995)

XHX, Ten After Ten Club (Marseilles, France - 1995)

Bilbao - Institute Francaise, French and experimental film program (Bilbao, Spain - 1994)

La Sept Arte, television program of experimental animation (European broadcast - 1994)

Study In Acid (HNO3) photographic prints originating from handmade positives. Collaboration with photographer Sabine Susstrunk, School of Photographic Arts and Sciences Faculty Show, Rochester Institute of Technology (Rochester, NY - 1994)

Carte Blanche, Cinematheque Ontario (Toronto, Canada - 1993)

Elu Par Cette Crapule, Association Art Toung! (Le Havre, France - 1993)

Le Mois du Graphisme Festival, Association Art Toung! (Echirolles, France - 1993)

Cinegraphique, Scratch Projections (Paris, France - 1993)

Association Art Toung!, program of experimental cinema (Grenoble, France - 1993)

Manifeste - 30 Ans de Cinematographique en Perspective, Musee National d'Art Moderne/Cinema du Musee, Centre Georges Pompidou (Paris, France - 1992)

Diverse Abstractions, Anthology Film Archives (New York, New York - 1992)

Le Film d'Animation Experimental aux U.S.A., L'Animatheque, Palais de Tokyo (Paris, France - 1992)

Contemporary Animation from the Netherlands, Experimental Film Coalition (Chicago, IL - 1991)

Constructed/Deconstructed Animation for Puppets, Objects and Images, Experimental Film Coalition (Chicago, IL - 1991)

Animated Film Shorts, Society for Animation Studies, George Eastman House (Rochester, NY - 1991)

Contemporary Dutch Animation, International Association of Animation Film, ASIFA (San Francisco, CA - 1991)

Cine Experimental: Nouvelles Tendances Graphiques, Association Art Toung! (Echirolles, France - 1991)

Contemporary Dutch Animation, Royal Netherlands Embassy (Washington, DC - 1991)

Avant-Garde Animation: 1921-1991, Pleasure Dome (Toronto, Canada - 1991)

Le Cinema D'Animation, Spoutnik (Geneva, Switzerland - 1991)

Composing Motion - Len Lye and Experimental Filmmaking, National Art Gallery international touring exhibition (Wellington, New Zealand - 1991)

Contemporary Experimental Film Program, National Art Gallery (Wellington, New Zealand - 1991)

Aspects Graphiques, Archives du Film Experimental d'Avignon (Avignon, France - 1990)

New Direct Animation from Europe, San Francisco Cinematheque (San Francisco, CA - 1990)

Contemporary Animation from Europe, San Francisco Exploratorium (San Francisco, CA - 1990)

Cameraless Films, San Francisco Cinematheque (San Francisco, CA - 1989)

New Work by Film Faculty, University of South Florida (Tampa, FL - 1989)

University of Vermont Artist Lecture Series (Burlington, VT - 1988)

Direct Animation, Los Angeles County Museum of Art (Los Angeles, CA - 1988)

Cameraless Animation, University of California at Los Angeles (Los Angeles, CA - 1988)

Direct Films, San Francisco Art Institute (San Francisco, CA - 1987)

Direct Cinema, Chicago Filmmakers Film Series (Chicago, IL - 1987)

More Than Meets the Eye Art Gallery, solo exhibit of handmade films and photographic prints from handmade negatives (San Rafael, CA - 1986)

German and American Contemporary Experimental Film, Film Arts Foundation (San Francisco, CA - 1985)

Ten by Ten, San Francisco Cinematheque (San Francisco, CA - 1984)

New Animation, San Francisco Cinematheque (San Francisco, CA - 1984)

California Independent Film Exhibit, Art Gallery of Greater Victoria (Victoria, British Columbia, Canada - 1982)

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