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  Rochester Institute of Technology, School of Film and Animation

ImageMovementSound Festivals (1997-2008)

For twelve years the ImageMovementSound festivals presented multiple exhibitions featuring premieres of innovative, collaboratively conceived and realized multimedia art works involving the integration of two or more art forms such as: motion picture, graphic art, dance, music, painting, photography, installation art, performance art, theater, and other arts.

These works were collaborations by students and faculty at Rochester Institute of Technology (motion image makers), the Eastman School of Music (composers and performers), the Dance Department at SUNY College at Brockport (choreographers and dancers), and other local colleges in the Rochester area. Each year the IMS festival began in the fall with a Call Meeting of Artists from the schools and the Rochester community. IMS culminated six months later with performances of the new works in the spring at multiple venue sites. Although this was largely an extra curricular activity for student participants, many were able to receive academic credit for their work on the IMS projects at their home college.

Students also could register in the Image-Movement-Music course, which was offered during the fall quarteron location att RIT and Eastman to learn about the collaborative process and to sample image, music and dance art forms within a collaborative production experience. Many students who took this course often participated in the IMS Festival, which was a separate activity.

Refer to the above link for more information about IMS, including a history of the IMS festivals and links to past festival web sites.

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