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     All That Remains



6 minutes, © 2006
A collaborative work by Stephanie Maxwell, filmmaker/animator and Michaela Eremiasova, composer

This work is an intricate mosaic of sequences of animated abstract images and musical passages that create a chaotic yet coherent and tightly choreographed portrayal of figurative matter in perpetual decomposition. The sound consists of dynamic and evolving patterns of music textures and phrases. Dense masses of granular particles often converge to create progressive patterns of movement, which alternate with recurring looped vocal passages. The animated imagery was created through a multitude of experimental processes, including direct-on-35mm animation (painting and etching imagery direct on 35mm clear and black film stocks), object animation, and rephotography of live action sequences. The imagery was then transformed and composited in digital postproduction.

Distributors: Light Cone (Paris) and Stephanie Maxwell

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Copyright 2011   Stephanie Maxwell
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