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     End to End



4 ½ minutes, © 2008
Graphic Score by Stephanie Maxwell
Music by Open Music Ensemble
Mastered on DVCAM, multiple analog and digital formats release

End To End presents a choreography of abstract form and space where background and foreground move in complementary arrangements of tempo and rhythm as the moving composition evolves and changes over time.

The imagery was created using paint-on-film, object and copier art animation techniques. Post production was accomplished using After Effects and Final Cut Pro software programs.

End To End was produced as a “graphic score” to be read/interpreted, live and in real time, by members of the Open Music Ensemble (OME). The premiere live performance and screening of End To End took place at Hallwalls Contemporary Art Center in late April of 2008.

Distributor: Stephanie Maxwell

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Copyright 2011   Stephanie Maxwell
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