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  5 minutes, © 1998
A collaborative work by Stephanie Maxwell (animator) and Allan Schindler (composer)
Mastered on BetaSP; multiple video and digital formats release

In this jointly, interactively conceived and realized work we have attempted to achieve some unique correlations between colorful abstract animated film imagery, created primarily by hand painting directly on 35 mm film stock, then digitally transformed and edited, and complementary musical textures and colors, realized primarily by means of computer analysis, resynthesis and transformation of a rich palette of non-Western and Western acoustic sound sources, and through rhythmic and harmonic patterns created by both algorithmic and intuitive compositional procedures.

Our goal was to a create work in which musical ideas and visual images are perceived to "chase" each other, to "dance," and to pull apart and come back together again in cyclical arcs.

Distributors: Light Cone (Paris) and Stephanie Maxwell

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