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     Reflecting Pool

  9 minutes, © 2004
A collaborative work by Stephanie Maxwell and Matt Costanza: animation, image and editing; and, Randall Hall: music score and live performance
Mastered on DVCAM, multiple analog and digital formats release

Sometimes the smallest event can have the most profound repercussions. Reflecting Pool creates a contemplative but highly charged visual and musical expedition through a cycle of chaos and recovery.

The music for Reflecting Pool includes processed saxophone signals to produce various colors and textures which have been layered with musical compositions of sampled sounds. Live performances of this work include saxophone played with a prerecorded soundtrack.

The imagery consists of both animated and live action footage which have been transformed and layered in digital post production. The techniques used to create this multi-layered work include: painting directly on 35mm film that was subsequently hand-manipulated during digital re-recording, object animation, and animated recordings of changing light reflections and movements of microscopic water creatures.

Distributors: Stephanie Maxwell and Light Cone (Paris)

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Copyright 2011   Stephanie Maxwell
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