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    Runa's Spell


  3 ½ minutes, © 2007
A collaborative work by Stephanie Maxwell, filmmaker/animator and Michaela Eremiasova, composer
Vocalists: Chelsea Bonagura and Carolyn Ramzy
Mastered on DVCAM, multiple analog and digital formats release

This work conveys a moment of connectedness with the sensual persuasions of an imaginary world. The image and music interact in a dramatic way to deepen and enhance the perception of an abstracted experience not far removed from its earthy provenance. The music attempts to create a spiritual sense of journey through the fractional evocation of ancient Egyptian folk song. The sonorous texture of trembling and contorted sound images illustrate the hesitation, solitude and endless dream-scape of the human mind.

Distributors: Light Cone (Paris) and Stephanie Maxwell

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Copyright 2011   Stephanie Maxwell
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