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     terra incognita

  4 1/2 minutes, © 2001
A collaborative work by Stephanie Maxwell (animator) and Allan Schindler (composer)
Mastered on DVCAM; multiple analog and digital formats release

This work is a fusion of imagery and music expressing an ever changing flux and paradox in perceived space and location and involves notions of navigation, geometry, and mapping.

The animated imagery derives from hand paintings and etchings on 35mm clear and black motion picture film stocks. While digitizing the imagery, the film was treated to an assortment of hands-on physical manipulations. The visuals then underwent further experimental transformation and editing during digital post production.

The music was largely an intuitive process. The basic sound sources, including thumb piano, pygmy pipe and gamelan metallophone tones, were digitally transformed and then contrapuntally layered, intercut, diced and threaded into a pulsating "web" design suggested by the visual imagery.

Distributors: Light Cone (Paris) and Stephanie Maxwell

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