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    The Art Form of Stephanie Maxwell



12 minutes, © 2007
Directed by Virginia Orzel
Produced by Stephanie Maxwell
Editor/Technical Editor by Virginia Orzel
Videography by Virginia Orzel
Assistant Videography by Matt Costanza

The Art Form of Stephanie Maxwell presents the artist in her studio at home where she creates and builds her unusual experimental animations. Maxwell discusses her work, and demonstrates original processes and technical discoveries that have resulted in the unique image and motion expressions that characterize her work. In this documentary, the artist is seen at her light table where she hand-makes imagery, and at her camera where she manipulates and re-photographs the handmade film to create some spectacular effects. There are many clips from her body of work that demonstrate the uniqueness of her ideas and her image experimentation, and the complex and profound approach to cinema that distinguish her as a master of the art form of experimental animation. In addition, composer Allan Schindler discusses their collaborative endeavors and talks about the nature of 'true collaboration'.

Distributor: Stephanie Maxwell

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Copyright 2011   Stephanie Maxwell
Designed by Keum-Taek Jung