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Wearable Technology

What is "Wearable Technology"

Wearable technology is not a new concept, however, in recent years wearables have become popular through well known projects in major companies in the technology industry. In the past, the science fiction genre referenced the future of wearable tech. Often times spies are depicted as covered in technology fashioned to appear like normal clothes kept top secret by the government. In the 1980s, calculator watches were marketed by Casio and even Timex. Considered one of the first pieces of wearable technology, these devices barely compare to what is on deck with wearable technology in the next few years. However, wearables did not take off and new wearable technology was never developed. Now it seems as if wearable technology is having a moment, thanks in part to the launch of Google Inc.’s smart eyewear known as Glass Glass is one of the first wearables developed by a major company. Given the publicity by Google, wearables now seem to be a reality and have sparked a rise in competition and given startups an

incentive to hop on the bandwagon and enter the wearable market. In fact, a recent SSI survey shows how consumer interest in wearables predicts growth in the wearable technology market:

“A recent SSI survey found that wearable technology will become popular in mainstream markets within the next two to three years. The study showed one out of three people were ‘very’ or ‘somewhat likely’ to buy a wearable device”
(Gomez, 2013)

For the first time not only do wearable products exist, but there is also a demand for them beyond just being a cool device to have. A revolution in how we interact with technology is brewing. A combination of major corporate interest, startups with practically no barriers to enter the market, and consumer demand will create new market in the industry and give rise to a new kind of human experience.

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