From Human to Cyborg

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Health-Wear is any device that can be worn anywhere that monitors the wearer's health. There are many types of healthwear devices: some you wear around your chest, some are worn around your wrist, others can be worn around the ankle, and there is even one that can be worn around the neck. Most of these devices measure heart rate, although some also record steps taken, repetitions of an exercise, breathing or calories burned. These devices have been on the market for much longer than smartwatches or smart glasses. Some well known brands are Nike Fitband, Fitbit, iHealth, and Jawbone. These devices help people keep on track with fitness training, reach goals while losing weight and see their results. Since these devices have existed longer, the market for them has exploded and there are many devices that can be found pretty cheaply compared to other types of wearable technology.

A group of heat rate monitoring wristbands